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 Post subject: Lag with Ctrl+Enter results in loading wrong object
 Post Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:35 am 

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MuvEnum (free version)
Windows XP Pro SP-3

After entering a string (ex., easeus) into the MuvEnum Address Bar (MAB), I hit Ctrl+Enter because I want the http://www. prefix and .com postfix added to load the string as a URL to a web site. However, there is a noticeable lag when hitting Ctrl+Enter and that probably causes the following problems:
  • Sometimes just the string (easeus) gets loaded. Since it cannot be found, I get the dialog asking if I want to search or load a web site.
  • Sometimes multiple objects get loaded. The web browser may open to but sometimes a Notepad opens with a logfile that has "easeus" somewhere in the path or file name. So I might end up with 2 windows that open when using Ctrl+Enter: (1) The web browser loads using the http://www. URL in its address bar; or, (2) Notepad or some other handler (based on the filetype) for a file that was found.

The lag seems to generate two keypresses:
  • One for Ctrl+Enter that adds the http://www. prefix and .com postfix.
  • Another for just Enter that loads the object found (file, shortcut) containing the string which loads the handler for that filetype.

I have tried the following to eliminate the lag or multiple keystrokes:
  • Disabled the "Inline auto-completion" option figuring the lookup caused the lag and possible lack of recognizing Ctrl was pressed when Enter was then pressed.
  • Disabled the "Show as prompt: search/website" option figuring to eliminate any time for that decision making.
Neither of these help to eliminate the very slight lag after hitting Ctrl+Enter or the problem of loading the wrong object or loading multiple objects.

On a related note, I have several search shortcuts defined (easiest performed by using TweakUI and going to the Internet Explorer -> Search tree node to define these search shortcuts). For example, for Google Groups, I defined the following search shortcut:

Shortcut prefix: gg

In a normal address bar (in Windows/Internet Explorer or the old Address Bar deskband available with the pre-SP3 browseui.dll), I could enter "gg muvenum group:alt.comp.freeware" to check on any Usenet posts in that newsgroups discussing anything MuvEnum related. Alas, the lag or forgetfullness of the MuvEnum Address Bar can result in loading a web page with that exact string in the address bar or MuvEnum using the default search provider (Google) to search on that entire string, including the "gg" prefix. So instead of "gg muvenum group:alt.comp.freeware" opening the web browser to show Google Groups search results on "muvenum" only in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup, a Google web search appears where it was looking for "gg muvenum group:alt.comp.freeware" (and the group operator is not valid in a Google web search).

MAB doesn't seem to honor Ctrl+Enter all the time. I might get some file opened in a viewer (e.g., Notepad) rather than loading the web browser to the specified site. Sometimes it acts like it performed both a Ctrl+Enter (to load the web browser) and an Enter (to load a file or .url shortcut from Favorites) so I end up opening more than one window. Sometimes it doesn't honor the search shortcut defined in Windows (saved under the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl" registry key) and instead pushes the string entered it MAB's textbox to the search engine (using the entire string so the search prefix, like "gg" gets included). Even being slow in the combo keypress by pressing and holding Ctrl, wait a sec, and then pressing Enter doesn't help figuring MAB is slow to recognize what keys or combos were actually pressed.

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