MuvEnum Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate and earn 40% of every sale!

If you find yourself recommending any of our featured software
and you want to actively promote it, you can earn a commission
of 40% for each sale you generate.

  • It’s FREE and easy to signup.
  • No commitment.

How does it work?

Once your application is accepted, you'll receive access to the affiliate website were you can find links to promote our products. You can then promote our software from your website, your blog, and other sources. Our website automatically detects when someone visits our website through one of your links and saves it in a cookie on the user’s computer. If the user purchases software from our website within a 30 day period of using your link, you will receive 40% of the purchase price.

How to signup?

  • Sign up as an affiliate at E-junkie, our payment provider. It’s free and safe.
  • If your application is accepted, you'll gain access to the E-junkie affiliate program.
  • You can then use the links provided in the affiliate administration site  to refer people to our website.
  • When users click on the link, it will place a cookie in their browser so that we know they were referred by you.  Now whenever they buy anything from the MuvEnum website within 30 days, you will receive 40% of the purchase price!
  • During the last half of the following month the purchases are made, we will pay you using PayPal.

MuvEnum Affiliate Program FAQ

  • How does MuvEnum track visitors coming from my website?
  • We provide you with links that have an affiliate ID in them which track the purchases made on our site from that link.  The first time a visitor comes to our website using your link, it saves your ID in a cookie on the visitor’s computer. If the user comes back to our website to purchase one of our products during the 30 day period, you'll earn 40% of that sale.
  • How much will I earn?
  • All purchases of eligible products will pay you 40% of the purchase price.  For example if you generate 3 sales of MuvAudio per day ($18.99 USD), you would earn approximately $18.99 * 40% * 3 * 31 = $706.80 per month! Remember, there is no commitment and no risk!

    Price (USD)
    40% You Earn (USD)
    MuvEnum Bundle: MuvAudio and MuvUnder Cover
    MuvAudio $18.99 $7.60
    MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth
    MuvEnum Address Bar Pro
  • Who is E-junkie?
  • E-junkie is our online payment provider. They interface with PayPal, 2Checkout, and TrialPay to provide a very secure and robust online payment processing and affiliate system.
  • How can I check the sales I’ve generated?
  • You can login to your affiliate account with E-junkie to view your earnings report where you can see exactly how much you've earned.
  • How do I get paid?
  • Payments are made during the last half of the following month the purchases are made. You are paid by Paypal.
  • What is your policy regarding fraudulent sales?
  • If affiliate sales are determined to be fraudulent (made using inappropriate means including self purchases) our payment providers will cancel and/or remediate the fraudulent transactions, thus the affiliate payment for the fraudulent transactions will not be paid out. If you believe your affiliate transactions were cancelled unfairly, please Contact Us.
  • What is your policy regarding advertising?
  • We do not tolerate means of promoting our software in a way that interferes with other users' rights, such as spam (mass-emailing, mass-messageboard-posting), and we reserve the right to remove any affiliates that promote our software in the above listed way or in any way that we feel is inappropriate. If we find you are sending unsolicited e-mails, we will cancel your affiliation and you will forfeit earnings.  Examples of good advertising methods are, but not limited to; banners, links in homepages, links in blogs, articles, review, tutorials, tweets.

    You are allowed to use any of the other images and/or text on this site, excluding the forums, for use in promoting our software.

Send Snail Mail:
MuvEnum, LLC
2737 S 775 W
Perry, UT 84302


+1 435-494-1MUV (1688)

While we are happy to take your phone call, we prefer that you use our support form or email to contact us whenever practical.