MuvAudio - Free Your Audio From Its Limitations

Free Your Audio From Its Limitations

Convert audio files other programs can't
into a format playable on any audio device.
It's your audio, and you should be able
to listen to it wherever you move.

Convert audio files at incredible speed.

10x Speed IconMuvAudio converts your music quickly and efficiently, so you spend less time waiting and more time listening to your favorite tunes.

Converts all of the major file formats.

Supported File Formats Icon MuvAudio takes the guesswork out of audio conversion by supporting all of the major file formats.

  • and many more!
  • Bold are also the output formats.

MuvAudio also converts the audio from the following video formats:
  • MPG, MPEG, M4V, WMV and more!

Album Art IconAlbum Art is a must have and MuvAudio will bring across your album artwork.

To complete your album artwork collection, MuvAudio integrates with MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth. Just click "Send to MuvUnder Cover" from within MuvAudio and your converted files are on their way to perfect artwork.

Audio quality true to the original.

Speaker IconMuvAudio uses a digital conversion process to retain the quality of the original file.
We care about the quality of your audio. Other programs that convert using your soundcard can cause significant quality loss. Digital conversion means digital quality true to the original, and with MuvAudio, that's exactly what you get.

Keeps your files organized.

Folder IconOther progams limit your options when it comes to naming your files.
We feel that you know how you like your files organized better than we do. Instead of limiting you to a few options, you can tweak your file output settings to your heart's content. This makes it super easy to have your audio files organized exactly how you want.

Tag information you've come to expect.

Tag IconConverted files include the tag information from the original file.
Your converted files automatically contain the tag information from the original file. This makes it super easy to find the files you're looking for on your portable player.

What else can MuvAudio do for you?

*Split those long audio files into shorter ones!
From 30 seconds to an hour, you can choose to split your original files into multiple files with a more manageable length.

*Save time by listening to sped-up lectures, audiobooks and more... even on your portable player!
You can change the playback speed of the original audio file anywhere from 1/2x to 2x the original (monster to chipmunk** speed). Now you can listen to those "interesting" lectures by your professor in less time.

Keep all of your audio files in the same format using "Watch Folder Mode".
Audio collections can contain an assortment of different audio file formats and nothing is worse than having your portable player tell you it can't play an audio file because it's in a format it doesn't support.

By simply telling MuvAudio your preferred audio format and the main directory or drive where all of your audio files are stored, "Watch Folder Mode" makes sure they get converted to the format you know your player supports.

*Not all file types support these features.
**No animals were harmed during the development of this program.


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"By the way, I keep sending in questions but I never sent in a congrats, I think this program is awesome and seems to be very well written."
- Eric Payne

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Released: 11/22/2017
File Size: 6.31 MB
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Trial Limitations:
Convert up to 60 songs during your trial.

Software Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 2003, 2008, or 2012 (x86 and x64); .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

System Requirements:
1GHz Processor; 512MB RAM; 20MB+ Hard Drive Space; Display: 800x600 or higher

End User License Agreement:
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