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Press Releases

Press Reviews about MuvEnum Address Bar

In a world of instant gratification--faster loading speeds, quicker navigation, hot key combinations, and so on--who likes to wait for a browser to launch and then navigate from a home page to the Web site you really want to visit? This nifty little add-on will help remove these speed bumps from your surfing...

- CNET Staff,

Windows only: Service Pack 3 for Windows XP removed the ability of that operating system's users to keep a quick-launching address box on their taskbar session after session. MuvEnum Address Bar aims to address that shortfall, but also adds a few neat conveniences to the package...

- Kevin Purdy, lifehacker

Press Reviews about Open Last Closed Tab

This add-on does exactly what its name implies: It creates a keyboard shortcut (Alt-X) to restore a tab after it's been closed. IE7 Open Last Closed Tab isn't the most glamorous of add-ons, but it will save you from fat-fingered mistakes and overly hasty decisions.

- Scott Gilbertson, Wired Magazine

This free plug-in is a handy addition to IEs tools. Anyone who works in multiple tabs will appreciate the ease it offers in reopening closed browser tabs...

- CNET Staff,

Press Reviews about Alias

Those who frequent the same Web spots will find this free program handy and functional.

- CNET Staff,

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